17.6 lbs down: I am back on track – yay!

This video was taken in spring of 2016 when my weight went down to 159 lbs. I was frustrated about the slow progress. Looking back at this video when my weight ballooned to 180.6 I realised that I failed to be thankful for the progress I made. I am thankful now!


Muffin topped in my size 12 trousers: my most challenging are for weight gain is my belly

Muffin topped in my size 12 trousers: my most challenging body part for weight gain is my belly

Date: Saturday 25 November 2017 (Down 17.6 lbs – yay!)

You may recall that earlier this year on 26 June in my blog post following Royal Ascot Ladies day I reported that my weight had gone up to 178lbs.  Following several last suppers it was to go up even further to 180.6 lbs.  So you can imagine my delight at scales today at my weight being 163lbs.  Yes, BMI 25 for is 146 lbs so I realise that I am still over weight and have a long way to go.  However I can remember how I felt when I started this blog.  I weighed 163 lbs and could not get the scales to budge and felt a sense of failure.  When my weight went up earlier this year to 180.6 lbs, my former weight of 163lbs looked like a massive success.  What I am trying to say is that I am going to celebrate with gratitude but also with caution and keep at the back of my mind that I still have a long way to go to reach my final goal.  There is another goal that I would like to mention and celebrate which is getting my belly circumference under 35 inches which the danger measurement in terms of diabetic risk.  My next goal is to reach 146lbs and BMI 25. My plan is to share my next goal once I have achieved a short term goal.

I now weigh myself once or twice each week and try to ensure that I exercise or attend the gym regularly.  In my book that means not allowing more than 2 days in between exercise sessions.  I am now an official UK size 14 but in all honesty I can wear some UK size 12 outfits and feel slimmer than I was when I started my blog at 163 lbs gradually going down to 159 lbs. I have now joined my local gym and try to attend the classes doing lots of exercises that I have avoided for most of my life such as squats, bear crawls, mountain climbers, burpees, planks and other weird and wonderful exercises that are thought up by the trainers.  I also try to attend the boot camp class every weekend.

Christmas is a dangerous time for me so I am trying to keep busy by continuing to work towards accumulating all the miles I need to complete the 1,000 miles in 2017 challenge on 31 December 2017.  I hope that if I keep on working until that date, it will stop me from going completely bonkers come Christmas and the New Year celebrations.  Whenever I miss eating my old favourites like plantain, moi-moi, beans and other delicacies, I remind myself how happy I will be once I reach my goal.  The other thing that I am doing to keep myself motivated is try on my clothes. There is nothing like being able to fit into clothes again after so long.  It is so exciting!

The sofa is still a problem and I still binge watch TV.  I experimented with watching TV on my tablet while on the treadmill but it does not always work for me.  Baby steps!.

Losing weight has not meant that my life is now problem free and I still have to work full time and juggle everything else.  Under the category of else comes the biggest problem and challenge for me which is insomnia.  It means that even when I push myself in the gym and work really hard, it can be hard to get good quality sleep.

Until next time it’s
#nototheyoyo! (HELL NO!)

15 July 2017

This photograph was taken 15 July 2017 before I lost 5 inches off my belly




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