Back on track thanks to my Billy Blanks video & PayPal

This picture was taken in summer 2003 when I still occassionally straight permed my hair
This is me talking to a feathered friend that kept trying to photobomb me

This is me talking to a feathered friend that kept trying to photobomb me

Date: Saturday 17 March 2018
Current weight: 149  lbs – The good news is that I have recovered from my recent yoyo upwards going up to 153. I am back losing weight again with Billy Blank’s Taebo and PayPal to the rescue.  I also want to explain why I have deleted my People Per Hour account.

In my blog post dated 3 March 2018, I said that I would give you a bit more detail about my dealings with Vanessa Whitaker and Deborah Bligh of Social Buzzing.  However, at this point, I am so bored with them especially as PayPal refunded my payment to Social Buzzing in the sum of £419.94.  Whoop! Whoop! The bad news for the world is that Social Buzzing continues to ply their trade on the PPH website.  After Social Buzzing, I went on to have two more bad experiences on the PPH website.  One web designer stopped working on my project because he had other work. Never mind the fact that we had agreed that my project was urgent at the outset.  Another company took a payment for SEO services but offered me something completely different and incredibly expensive.  I got a refund in both instances having made payment via the PPH website but I did lose time as well as the administration costs but the worst loss for me was traffic to my site because, at a time when traffic to my website was increasing, the first web designer put a stop to that by saying he needed my site offline so he could work.  The work as I mentioned was never completed.

Accordingly, I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to properly vet sellers or freelancers on PPH.  They are too slow to respond to problems and using their site feels incredibly risky. Worryingly, they seem to have no problem with having sellers who are downright dishonest.  In my last blog on this topic which you can look at by clicking here, set out the points I would cover to keep safe when dealing with sellers on sites like PPH.  I would now advise readers to avoid PPH altogether.  This is because no reputable agency doing good work will need to register as a freelancer.  A reputable agency would look for work in a more conventional way. In addition, there is no way to really know whether the freelancers advertising themselves on the platform can actually do the work.

I am still cleaning up the mess that the PPH web designer left on my website.  He populated my site with lots of weird old posts and clearly did not know what he was doing.  I also had to clean up a lorry load of weird tweets that he sent from my account via my website.  A friend referred me to a good book on SEO (Thank you Miriam – you are a star!) and although I have not read the book yet, it opened my eyes to how much I can achieve on my own so I have been listening to podcasts and videos on YouTube and now understand the process a lot better and can see that there are no shortcuts – which is fine by me.

Putting the distractions of PPH to one side, I am finally back exercising again and managed one visit to the gym which is great.  I found out that my gym membership has expired and plan to renew this after Easter.  In the meantime I have been back doing my Billy Blanks’ Taebo video (Yes, I do mean video. I sill have one that works so why not?)  Time permitting, I will get some jogging in this weekend as well.

I am happy that I am losing weight but once again it does seem that my body has adjusted to my current weight loss programme.  The constant plateaus and slow loss weight loss is frustrating now that I am only 3 lbs away from achieving BMI 25.  To that end, I will give very careful thought to my diet over the Easter period and see if I can come up with a new idea to get my weight loss going again.

Until next time it’s

My feathered friend

My feathered friend


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