Founder of Make Your Mark, Bonita Rochelle shares 15 hot tips at the Black British Bloggers lunch, Saturday 24 February 2018 – oh, and BTW I have gained 2 lbs – sigh!

Not my best photography but Bonita Rochelle did talk about avoiding perfectionism ...


Date: Saturday 24 February 2018

It has been a shocking week in weight loss terms.  I have been so busy at work, I missed all my workouts this week save for the one on Monday and this morning I was embarrassed to report that my weight has crept up by 2 lbs.  I am now back up to 152 lbs.  Under normal circumstances, I would simply hit the gym but I cannot do that today as I have to attend a lunch for Black British Bloggers.  You know what, why don’t I tell you how that went instead?

Founder of Make Your Mark Bonita Rochelle will be brought her expertise to The BBB Lunch. Bonita shared her tips on how bloggers can take their platforms to the next level and I made a note of the following 15 points.

  1. Blog or vlog for the right reasons.  A lot of successful social media bloggers were already passionate about their craft and social media just happened to deliver them success sooner.  Your audience will spot very quickly if you are not genuine and brands also notice and withhold sponsorship.
  2. Your blog does not have to perfect.
  3. Make your blog design response especially as 90% of readers use mobile devices.
  4. Keep your blog clean and easy to navigate.
  5. Profile your blog readers and tailor your output to their interests.
  6. Find your niche
  7. Shout about your blog from the rooftops and this includes using apps to schedule your posts using say Hootsuite and Buffer to automate as much of the blogging process as possible.  Being an influencer is about engaging with your community. It is important to support and engage with other bloggers in so doing including commenting on their blogs and posts generally.
  8. Block out time to write your posts and review your strategy generally.  It is important to put the work in.
  9. Check SEO review tools and make sure your blog is SEO friendly.
  10. Monetize your blog immediately using Shopstyle collective and return links.
  11. Do not compare yourself to others and stay true to yourself.
  12. Prepare a good media consisting of one page and be ready to send this to brands.
  13. Do not wait for brands to approach you.  Instead, you should do the work and then approach the brand as the blogging market is so saturated.
  14. Break your tasks into smaller chunks and create a process.
  15. Google analytics is the most accurate tool to track the amount of activity on your blog each month.

Bonita on completing her address was available throughout the event to mingle and patiently answered some of the most basic questions that I put to her.

Bonita Rochelle sharing her experience at the Black British Bloggers lunch

Bonita Rochelle sharing her experience at the Black British Bloggers lunch

The event was hosted at Bella Italia at 100 Baker Street and I had given myself permission to go off my eating programme for the day but the early morning consultation had me feeling somewhat chastened so I filled my takeout box with a salad and poured in a delicious dressing made with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – both allowed on my eating programme.

Okay, I am upset that my weight loss has not only stalled but that I am now gaining.  The fact, however, is that eating more and not exercising is not going to help.  I have had a text message from one of the trainers confirming that the Sunday Bootcamp has been canceled so my plan tomorrow is to get a good workout in the gym and generally get back with the programme.

My busy week has meant that I have missed out on sleep and I wonder whether this is the key thing that I need to fix to enable me to lose the remaining weight.  More on how I get on in my next post.

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