Keep calm and don’t feed the trolls!

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I worried about trolls, body shaming and haters when I planned my blog and I hoped that I would escape their attention in the early weeks and months of blogging. Unfortunately I had my first message yesterday.  The message below started with 4 emoticons depicting a person laughing so hard that they are crying and another 4 of the same at the end of the message plus one smiley face: –


“😂😂😂😂 I just watched your video.I thought you were really fat.You’re about my mums size.You’re very funny.😂😂😂😂🙂”

I don’t think there is anything particularly funny or witty about this message and as with all trolling I don’t understand why some people think that by putting others down they stand to gain anything. If anything it has to be a cry for help.


Ironically, I have had a fantastic workout today. Short sharp and to the point.  I love working out in the morning and enjoy all aspects including the lovely walk to and from the gym.  I like to watch my fellow Londoners as they walk briskly to catch their Tube or buses and wonder what jobs, assignments or assignations they are rushing off to do.  I love getting to the gym when it is quiet and having the choice of equipment to use.  Today I chose the treadmill next to a large picture window so I could carry on people watching.  At the moment I have Natalie Cole’s “I wanna be that woman” on repeat.  I love her voice, I love the song and it reminds me of the happy times I had with a friend of mine who now lives far away in Canada.  The beat and tempo is also the perfect for me as I am still in recovery from an injury.  After months away from the treadmill, it felt fantastic to be able to run solidly starting from a waddling jog for a full hour followed by a cool down and stretch.


One way to respond to my troll would be to put in, even more, work, slim down to my goal weight. Some people say that the best revenge is a good body.  It crossed my mind today, but on reflection, I am not going to go down this route as I feel that I would be feeding the troll.  I have decided to stick to the task at hand and my current plan.  I don’t want to be spurred on by somebody else’s negativity but by my own positive aspirations.


At the end of the day trolling is an extension of all of the societies ills and the myriad ways we inflict harm on each other. If we all try to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and consider what effect our actions might have on others or how we would feel if we were at the receiving end I think our world we be a much better place.


A number of people have reached out to me since my blog was set up and as a result, we have a little support group across the globe of people all working hard to reach their fitness and weight loss goals in a supportive and positive environment. Thanks to all of you for your support! Let’s continue to work positively to reach our goals, and for goodness sake don’t ever feed the trolls!



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