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Date: Wednesday 31 August 2016

Current weight: 157 lbs (2lbs down, yay! I cracked and retrieved the scales from storage – old habits die hard etc – what can I say!)


I have now lost exactly 28 lbs in total which is exactly 2 stones in weight.  The next goal I would like to reach is a loss of 30 lbs which is only 2lbs away.  I know that I am making progress because more and more of my clothes are fitting so I am having lots of fun trying them on.


It has to be said however that the lack of dramatic movement on the scales continues to niggle.  I am talking to anyone vaguely knowledgeable about weight loss who will listen.  A number of people have said that as I get older I will find that tried and tested weight loss strategies will no longer be effective and that I will need to put in more work just to stay in the same spot.  At this point, I am fully committed to reaching my goals and I am more than willing to put in the work and/or make further tweaks to my diet.


Accordingly, I have changed my training regime quite a lot.  I am now trying to add regular HIIT classes including a boxing class which I enjoy thoroughly.  I am also trying to incorporate a lot more walking day to day and ensure I take at least 10 thousand steps even on the days that I cannot make it to the gym.


London is a wonderful place for walking and there is always so much to see out and about and I used to regularly walk into Central London years ago or go on walking tours with a friend exploring so I am excited at the prospect.


My first walk coincided with the first day of the first day of the Notting Hill Carnival i.e. Children’s day.  I took the tube into Bond Street and had a light lunch and drink and then I walked to Notting Hill to join the Carnival.  I had my pedometer on and was fully prepared to join in the dancing.  Maybe the combination of the crowds, different sounds systems blaring out different music and quite frankly a lack of understanding of what the event stands for, I ended up not dancing but walked around a bit enjoying the atmosphere.  I then began making my way back to Zone 4 on foot.


I arrived back home at 8.30 pm approximately with a sore derriere and toes but really happy and exhilarated with over 40,000 steps on my pedometer.  It was also lovely seeing all the London sights and sounds across several boroughs.  It was a great way to spend a day on the last official weekend of summer.  Usually I feel a bit crestfallen when summer ends but I am looking forward to long walks and other exercise in autumn.


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