Dieting dilemna – are crash diets truly as bad as people say for our metabolism?

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Dieting dllemna

Having been distracted as opposed to entertained by life, towards the end of May I began to give thoughts to my social life in general.  I had diarised Ascot as well as displayed my ticket in a prominent position to remind myself to begin preparations.  Today, as I ponder what to wear as ever, I have to admit that I am also wondering how easy it would be to sell my ticket and whether skipping the occasion might be the best way forward.  Deep inside I know that crash dieting is bad for my metabolism but I am still hoping that I could find the willpower to do it and secondly that if I did do it, it would work and effectively open up opportunities for me to wear whatever I want from my own wardrobe.  Dressing to fit my larger body is always so much harder!

I am half serious in my poster.  Half of me is hoping for a miracle.  Social media fitness groups, in my opinion, have mixed results.  I have been a quite a few including one of my own on Facebook where gradually only a few people post and gradually over time there are fewer and fewer responses.  This is energy sapping for both those who post and those who read the posts.

A training and dieting buddy can work very well and I have also experienced this but there are times in one’s life like right now for when finding this training buddy is really difficult.

The best magic bullet for me is to find some personal consistency.  It would be better for me to maintain the habit of eating healthy and exercise so that if I do find training buddy in the future, I will not have to start from zero with them.  Also, I am hoping that doing some form of exercise continually will pay off in the long term no matter how lackluster they are.

Back to the grind.



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