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Soaking with sweat after my workout first thing on Monday morning 1 August 2016

Soaking with sweat after my workout first thing on Monday morning 1 August 2016

Date: Monday 1 August 2016

Current weight: 159 lbs (Same – presumably as I have not weighed myself today)


Those of us who love Chinua Achebe’s books will remember Eneke the bird in the novel, Things Fall Apart who declared that as hunters had learnt to aim with missing, s/he had learnt to fly without perching. I have had to learn to fly without perching in real terms in my weight loss journey of recent. In my case I had been perching on the sofa quite a lot especially on weekends meaning that my exercise time was being spent watching catch up TV. As I have been busy at work of recent as well, I have struggled with going to the gym at the end of the working day when I feel really tired.


This weekend was different however. On Saturday I made a point of heading to the gym once I had completed the laundry and other chores. I only managed a 35 minute workout but combined with running errands, walking and a bit of gardening I was able to clock up 12,000 steps by the end of the day. On Sunday I only managed 7,500 steps but the important point for me is that the sofa did not win!


The other change I have made is to get my weekly workouts in first thing in the day to address the problem with motivating myself to go to the gym after work when I am tired. Realistically the time I spend in the gym in the morning has meant that I cannot arrive at work as early as I would like so I am losing time in the working day. However I try to counter this by making sure to schedule all appointments for after lunch to give myself a chance to settle in. It also means that I have a longer working day to make up the hours at the gym. It is early days yet but so far it is working fine.


So far as concerns food, I am using a combination of tactics. For instance I will have a slice of wholemeal bread and poached eggs for breakfast or 2 slices if I feel particularly hungry. I am snacking on lots of vegetables especially raw carrots. Sometimes I eat carrots even when I am cooking to make sure I don’t’ binge-eat as I am cooking or on too many healthy snacks like nuts for instance. I am also using my palms and fingers to measure portion sizes as well as trying to eat less quickly. I am finding new and exciting ways to incorporate plant protein into Nigerian recipes. The other important change I am making is to cut down on caffeine and keep well hydrated.


I have been tempted to throw away my bathroom scales because I am pretty sure that there would be no change in weight if I jumped on them. I continue however to notice changes for the better in the ways that my clothes fit and I think even slight improvements with the cellulite on my legs in that the cellulite appears to be a tiny bit less visible.


Many years ago, I remember meeting a very inspirational lady at a gym. We both had a similar work ethic in the gym (go hard or go home!) and she advised me to throw away my scales. I never found out how much weight she lost in total. All I recall was that she told me that she started her weight loss journey a UK size 18 (I am not sure when exactly she started the journey in terms of date) but by the end of that year we had together at that particular gym she was wearing size 10 jeans. My UK size 12 dresses are now beginning to fit so I eyeing up some of my size UK 10 clothes and wondering whether some of them will be making a comeback later this year.


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  • Cliff says:

    Lovely read. Rather inspiring.

  • Victoria Nwogu says:

    I have a sort of love-hate relationship with my bathroom scales. Love ’em when I’m on target, hate ’em when I’m not 🙂 I didn’t use them even once in 2015, I judged by my clothes. I’m a whole lot like you at the gym, ‘work hard or go home’ so that reassures my mind. The only problem is food … but we’re winning in small ways. I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed with you on the size 10s fitting soon. Be sure to share happy pics when you confirm 🙂

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