Twenty six pounds down (yay!): wardrobe edit and keeping going

160722 Blog 6 Photo of me on Monday 18 July

Date: Friday 22 July 2016

Current weight: 159 lbs (2lbs!)


In my last blog I talked about dealing with two devils; the weight loss plateau and cellulite and I continue to deal with them. However, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel because I jumped on the scales this morning and noticed a 2lb loss. I like to weigh myself first thing in the morning before breakfast and know that it is possible that the figure I saw on the scale this morning could change but I am happy to accept it as a sign of progress for 2 reasons. Firstly, I have complained about becoming very flabby. Well I noticed that after using the EFX on Monday, my arms feel like they are toning up again. When I work on this machine I try to rotate between going forward or backward and also with working with my arms rather than just relying on my legs. I have more strength in my lower body and hope by alternating on the EFX to strengthen up my upper body. It looks like this might be working.


The second reason for optimism is progress with my wardrobe edits. With my weight going up and down over the years I have been known to have a wardrobe spanning several dress sizes between UK 18 and 8. At my largest, I had a UK size 18 dress albeit bought cheaply from a well-known high street ‘disposable’ fashion store. I did not really fit so I had to take it to my local charity shop. I bought some UK size 16 clothes for work from this store also. Thankfully these clothes have also been donated to the charity shop. I have a few item of clothing in UK size 14 but currently my nicest and most expensive clothes are in size UK 8 or 10 (about 60% of my wardrobe). The good news is that I can now actually try them on. From what I see on the streets of London, there are lots of ladies that would wear some of these clothes as they are but I would prefer a looser fit so I am happy to wait until my body is ready. The remaining clothes in my wardrobe are split between about 35% in UK size 12 and 2% in UK size 14. I bought an expensive pair of size 14 trousers which I plan to have taken in but the remaining size 14 items are destined for the charity shop.


I feel optimistic because I am beginning to fit into more and more of my smaller sized clothes. To make my wardrobe work for more efficiently, I try to store away any clothes that no longer fit due to weight gain but that I still like. As my body has been changing I have begun venturing into my stored clothes and it is so exciting to think that I will be able to wear some of these much loved items again soon. To be able to fit and zip up a dress that has been out of bounds due to weight gain is incredibility exciting and motivating even if I might be displaying a bit of muffin top in it especially if I can remember a time when I could not even fit the garment over my shoulders.


I would still love to see fantastic changes on the scale but the fact is that my body is changing is incredibility exciting. Two lbs weight loss? I’ll take it, thanks very much!


PS: I have not forgotten about giving updates on keeping a food diary and running. More on those later

160722 Blog 6 Photo of EFX workout record on Monday 18 July 2016



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