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Me, doing more jumping jacks

Me, doing more jumping jacks

Date: Saturday 6 January 2018  (I have gained 2 lbs over the holiday period meaning that I am back to 157 lbs) Why am I not crying? Let me explain.

Yes, I did go off piste as far as my eating programme was for Christmas but I avoided all sugary foods and refined sugar.  I treated myself to lots of food that I missed on the diet including eating a banana on one occasion with my breakfast of yoghurt and muesli.  I had plantain at different meals for 3 days – all in all I think I had about 5 sticks of plantain.  I also had a green smoothie and made a delicious pudding made of yoghurt blended with frozen raspberries, blueberries and sweetened with xylitol and another low GI brown sugar replacement sweetener.  Blueberries are not allowed on this stage of the programme.  I had brown rice and black eyed beans on New Year’s day too and for the most part snacked on fruit if I wanted it.  I had stomach upset during on Christmas and Boxing day so did not want to eat that much.  I had a weigh-in on 30 December 2017 and my weight had gone up by a 1lb to 156lbs.  I was surprised that I gained 1 lbs just eating differently but put it down to possible inflammation from my upset stomach.

Things however went from bad to worse and I was horrified to weigh myself on Tuesday 2 January 2018 and find that my weight has shot back up to 160 lbs.  At that point I contemplated going on some sort of cleansing fasting programme – there are lots of these going on in January but Rachael of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme ruled that out somewhat as I asked about fasting and she told me firmly that this is not recommended on the programme.

The holiday season did not all go to plan so on one hand I should not be too surprised at my weight gain. The planned long walks and exercise sessions did not materialise.   In my defence, I did visit the gym on one day but found it closed.  For some reason I was under the impression that it would be open for all the days except Christmas day. With my plans for exercise kyboshed, I spent a lot of time watching TV and saw some fabulous movies that I have been wanting to for ages including Dirty Dancing and 84 Charing Cross Road. I loved both movies and cried watching them to – yes, pathetic I know! I am a bit of a dreamer and Christmas time with the break from work is normally a time of reflection for me.  One lesson I am slowly beginning to absorb especially over this Christmas just gone is that there might be life after starchy carbohydrates.  I don’t miss eating rice as much as I had thought I would and provided that I can make tasty alternatives, I should be able to limit my consumption of starchy food quite a bit.  I started the Metabolic Weight Loss plan at the end of September last year so I have now been on it for 3 months.  I do however really miss eating plantain and beans. I think that after all is said and done, I am surprised and dismayed at how easy it was to put 5lbs back on compared to the amount of work it took to get it off me. I cannot help but be surprised at this outcome.

Come Saturday morning on 6 January, my weight had gone down again. This time to 157 lbs meaning I gained a pound each for Christmas and the New Year.  It is lowest gain I have managed in years so I am chalking it up as a success.

I love exercising and still love to push myself so that side of things is going well however I find my current food choices boring.  Once again I have backed myself back into a rut and keep making the same batch of limited recipes over and over again.  My plan going forward is to go back to the list of recipes provided by the Metabolic Weight Loss plan and try them to see if I like any and if I don’t love them enough to see what adaptations I can make so I can enjoy them.  I would also like to ideally adapt Nigerian recipes that I love and make them compliant with the programme.  Then there is the kitchen revamp that I have been thinking about for quite some time alongside organising my recipes in a timetable of sorts so I get into the habit of changing what I eat and keeping things exciting.

My new year resolution to get back on track was in effect made last year when I started the Metabolic Weight Loss programme.  It remains on track even with the 2lb blip so perhaps I ought to make new ones like aiming to watch less TV and get more sleep.  We shall see.

Until next time it’s

Turkey meatballs with broccoli rice and the obligatory 2 small crackers

Turkey meatballs with broccoli rice and the obligatory 2 small crackers


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