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I was excited when Bose as I still call her invited me to have this chat.    Bose and I met many years ago at Federal Girls College, Benin City where she was a couple of sets or so behind me.  More about Bose below.

About Abosede Ozah Osho

Abosede Ozah Osho obtained a first degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Benin and an MBA(Marketing) from the University of Lagos.  Her career has spanned different fields from Aviation, Banking, Manufacturing, Importation and Business having held several top management positions.  She currently hosts a Talk Show, The Now Show with Abosede Osho. (NOW is an acronym for Network of Overcomers and Winners) on YouTube and DoveTV, for now, and is a show aimed at taking people on a journey of self-discovery and becoming the best versions of themselves God created.  Abosede speaks at conferences and seminars, especially dealing with women and family, for which she has a passion.  She also Comperes mainly business meetings and corporate functions.
She considers herself as versatile and is even considering going into acting, and is open for auditions.  She is an ordained Assistant Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, with a passion for Missions, Young Adults, and Women.  She is mother to three beautiful young adults who give her boundless joy.

I believe that COVID 19 might be a wake-up call for BAME and what lessons we can we learn going forward. I also looking forward to sharing my personal tips to help keep my weight down during the lockdown as well as plans to build a foundation for lifelong good health and well being.

What I weigh this week

My weight has been fluctuating so frequently and I have been hopping up and down the scales with such frequency that in the end, I decided to stop jumping up and down.  I have gained a pound so I am up to 146 lbs.  I have been working out regularly and hope that I have gained muscle.  We will see.

Until next time it’s

#NoToTheYoYo  #YesToAstableWeight



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