Meal planning on the metabolic weight loss programme 

Athens, September 2016
Salmon & green beans x 2 portions

Salmon & green beans x 2 portions

Date: Thursday 28 October 2017
Current weight: Today I weigh 171 lbs – down 3 lbs

Having now nearly dropped 9 lbs there is no doubt that this programme works.  This is the most consistent weight loss that I have had since my decision to lose weight in September 2014.  However I still find myself reluctant to over-celebrate because I am still in the process of getting back on the wagon as it were.  There is a side of me that feels embarrassed that having started out at 185 lbs, I did well to lose weight over 20 lbs, going down to 159 lbs sometime in 2016 only to lose the plot and yoyo right back up to 180.6lbs within less than 5 lbs of my starting weight.

I have now graduated to stage 2 and I am still not enjoying the programme as much as I would ideally like to (yes, I know I said I have got to grips with this in my last blog!) but I guess the most important thing is that I have no plans to quit. The amount of work and organisation that is required is off putting.  For instance I have to weigh everything single thing I eat and keep a food diary and this means that I have to cook most of my meals from scratch to ensure that my meals are compliant.  I am now better at planning and try to plan my meals and snacks for the entire working day.  In the photograph below I packed 100g of low fat Greek yoghurt seasoned with a dusting of cinnamon to be eaten with 100g of strawberries and blackberries.  I have given up on artificial sweeteners for now after reading some really frightening articles.  I have stevia which is allowed on the programme but have stopped using it because it tastes so weird.  Lunch on a working day is usually tinned salmon or tuna with salad dressed with balsamic vinegar (I love the stuff!) and eaten with 2 small crackers and I think the avocado is a snack.  I think I also took with me a small apple as a second snack.


Meal plannning on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

My daily meal planning planning on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme

As I mentioned in my last blog of 30 September 2017, I am having less stomach upsets on this diet.  I think there are a number of reasons for this but one of them is that my stomach is probably just finding it easier to cope with a significantly reduced volume of food at meal and snack times.

My exercise routine is back on track somewhat.  I have been attending the gym regularly since September and my jogging sessions are a bit more regular.  It is clear to even me at this point that it will be highly unlikely that I complete the 1,000 miles in 2017 but I will keep fighting to complete until 31 December 2017.  In the gym, I am trying to go less crazy on cardio and focus on strength training.  I think I am can see results.  When I put on lot’s of weight earlier this year, I quietly stopped wearing certain clothes in my wardrobe and shopped to suit my larger frame.  A few days a ago I slipped on one of the “fat” tops that I had panic purchased and was shocked at how loose it was on me.


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