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I started the week really well with a solid workout on Monday. I had every intention to get back in the gym on Tuesday but events transpired against me meaning my next gym session was on Friday 5 August. Usually on my return to the gym after a break I am refreshed and excited but not this time.


I think there were probably a number of reasons for this but a big part was the potential lack of music. I am bored with my current playlist plus my headphones are a bit dodgy. Consequently I bailed out of my usual session and did a HIIT class instead. Registration for classes is always a pain in my view but I got it done. It was a hard class for me and I found bits of it boring. Maybe it was the music. However I worked hard and pushed through and by the end I was dripping with sweat and my muscles began to feel really sore by the next day, Saturday.


On Saturday morning I had planned to go to the gym first thing but once again got distracted by catch up TV. I picked up my mobile while on the sofa and found myself reading a post written by one of the runners in my group on Facebook who had managed to complete her workout after what seemed like a squabble with her inner toddler. This particular online running buddy is based in Mogadishu, Somalia and writes interesting posts about her running in a troubled location. By troubled I mean explosions and real danger.


It reminded me again of how moving is a privilege and my running buddy is keeping up with exercise in such a tough environment and I felt inspired to get off the sofa and walk to the gym where I ran 5 plus miles and did an hour on the cross trainer burning in excess of 1,200 calories. At the end of the workout I felt a real sense of accomplishment and enjoyed the walk home in the summer sun. By 4 pm I had clocked 20,000 steps and was able to begin watching the Olympics games guilt free.


On Sunday, the next day still feeling a bit stiff and aching, I decided I was going to have a lighter work out. This time in the gym I completely ignored the treadmill and worked with the cross trainer. I followed this up with some weights and stretches. I walked the long way home taking in lovely summer sights of and enjoying the lovely weather and managed to clock 12,000 steps by the end of the day. I am pleased again that once again this weekend, I managed to resist the urge to stay on the sofa for majority of the time.


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