I bought this dress years ago from a small boutique in Woodford Greeen and felt really chuffed when I saw Naga Muchetty, BBC newsreader owned hers and wore it multiple times. I was always self conscious of my belly in it and I am spanxed up in this pciture.
I call this my Naga Muchetty dress after the BBC newsreader who also owns this dress. Naga, has stopped wearing hers and mine now fits.

Me in my Naga Muchetty dress

Date: Saturday 3 February 2018

I hoped to be down by two 2lbs but I only lost one meaning I now weight 150 lbs.  In any event, I am now within touching distance of a healthy weight at BMI 25.  I cannot wait to celebrate when I lose 4 more pounds to reach this important milestone.   It will mean that I am no longer technically overweight.  I say “technically” because, at BMI 25 I know that I will still have to work on my muffin tops – both of them.  My plan is to get rid of them for good but for now, it is one step at a time.

Dressing up is becoming more fun especially as I seem to have skipped past my UK size 14 outfits and now fit into my size 12.  This has been a pleasant surprise.  I think I might also be able to wear some of my size 10 clothes provided there is extra give around the belly.  The dress I am wearing in the photographs in this post has been in my wardrobe for ages along with the red boots which are older than I care to mention.  There is something so satisfying about being able to get into clothes and footwear that one has been longing to wear for ages.  At my heaviest, I could not zip up the boots completely.   According to the Spotted on TV website, BBC’s newsreader, Naga Munchetty was spotted wearing it on 31 July but it is unclear what year.  It is now on sale for HTTP://spotted.tv/spot-tag/naga-munchetty-dress/  

The dress is called a DiMaggio Jersey Fit and Flare Dress Navy/Red/White by Fever London and  features an easy to wear jersey material with a fitted waistband, striped panel detail, and soft touch jersey fabric, as well as a V-neck and full skirt which falls to the knee. It is described as the ultimate staple dress this season and I could not agree more! Originally £39.99 it now on sale for £16.  I bought mine from a boutique in Woodford Green and cannot remember what I paid for it.

This is a photograph of Naga wearing the lovely blue, red and witite dress

This is a photograph of Naga on the left wearing the lovely blue, red and white dress and the lady on the right is a model

About a year ago, I did a short YouTube video about managing one’s wardrobe during weight loss.  It can be tricky.  Do you buy the dress and hope to slim down into it?  If you buy it like I did, you are dedicating expensive London storage space inappropriately?; plus it can be soul destroying not being able to wear a new outfit.  Or, should the dress be used as motivation to work harder towards the weight loss goal?  You can view my video where talk about managing my wardrobe during weight loss by clicking on this link.  https://youtu.be/dMUjo4FXmvk

I hope that the progress I am making with my wardrobe is also attributable to the varied training I have been doing in the gym.  My progress on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is fine for the most part though I have had days this past week when I have felt ravenously hungry.  I know that having cravings on a diet is bad news but I think that I am still trying to make adjustments to stop myself from eating too much fruit.

Rachael by way of feedback on receipt if my emailed food diary as pointed out that I need to be making my own meatballs rather than using the shop bought a variety.  Once again this programme is making me re-think the way I eat.  I am always reading up a lot about healthy eating and a topic I revisit repeatedly is why women in the west have such a terrible time with menopause compared to Japanse women for instance.

One of the reasons it would appear is that our food is so processed in comparison and in Japan they take in more plant-based oestrogen via their food.  Accordingly, I am gradually switching to organic options including grass-fed beef.  It is expensive but as a slogan, I saw proclaimed, “If you think good health is expensive, then try poor health …” or words to that effect.  More on this to follow.

Until next time it’s

I could not wear this outfit at my heaviest.

I could not wear this outfit at my heaviest.



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