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No Christmas weight gain! Phew! | THE YOYO CHRONICLES
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No Christmas weight gain! Phew!

Out for a long Sunday walk

Apparently there is everything wrong with a little bump and grind AND age is more than a number!

So my sombre Christmas/Holiday mood is spilling over into the new year and I feel that this mood is noticing sad stories rather than happy uplifting ones. A case in point is the exploding R Kelly story.  Do you remember the lyrics? “I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”?  If he was having sex with a minor then there was everything wrong! What about Aalyah’s song, “Age ain’t nothing but a number “ Was this about her statutory rape by R Kelly? The mind boggles!

This was set to be a really long blog exploring my recent sombre mood but at the last minute I felt unsure and deleted the bulk of the draft. I may share it another time, but for now, I will keep things light and positive which will make this one of the shortest blogs I have written in a while. As I mentioned on an Instagram post this week, I have no plans to ignore my feelings but I need a bit more time to process everything properly before sharing.

My Instagram on Wednesday 9 January 2019. It is not too late to share your New Year resolution/s if you have any and of course, I would love it if you follow me too!

Progress with the elliptical trainer

in my last blog, I said that I would buy this.  However, when I returned to buy it from the QVC website had sold out. I am now contemplating buying the upgraded version which costs more money from Amazon.  I will let you know how I get on.

Back to the gym for the new year

I was so preoccupied with work on Monday that I missed my first training session of the year. with Odell. The truth is that Odell had sent me a text and I actually responded to it without thinking and failed to diarise it too.  Selfishly, I am delighted that he has returned from holiday because my so called routine fell to bits in his absence.  Knowing myself however, given time to think, I will begin to worry about whether or not I can get through the training sessions in one piece.  Yup, I have not changed in that respect – I need a push from Odell but am apprehensive about the sessions! At least I am consistent! LOL! 

So I missed, Monday’s session but on Tuesday, I did a training at the gym first thing. On Tuesday I was busy at work clocking more steps on my pedometer than ever. On Wednesday, I went up and down the stairs so often that I had to strip off all my winter layers. I clocked up over 7,500 steps that day compared to the measly 200 I manage on an average working day. The only problem is that the constant trips up and down the stairs left me with sore posterior muscles. On Thursday, I caught the 6.30 am class at the gym before another active day at work. I had a nice soak after work and decided to skip the gym altogether on Friday.

Down 4lbs!

I lost 4 lbs so my weight is down to 157 lbs. This means that for the first time in recent living memory I have had no Christmas weight gain! Phew! I wish I could bottle my methodology so I could use it for another time because I am not sure why I have suddenly dropped 4 lbs after weeks of plateauing but I will take it all the same.

Until next time it’s 






Pleather leggings and a plaid shirt
Pleather leggings and a plaid shirt


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