Peroneal tendonitis & metabolic syndrome?

At the Arsenal Emirates Stadium on 8 July 2017
Post jog selfie on 12 July 2017

Post jog selfie on 12 July 2017

Date: Tuesday 15 August 2017
Current weight: Today I weigh 178 lbs – no change

In my last blog dated 6 August 2017 I said that I would talk a bit more about my exercise routine. Unfortunately, it appears that I have picked up yet another injury, this time to my left foot which has been hurting quite a bit especially when I try to run upstairs. I have been researching (as one does on the internet against the advice of most medical practitioners!) and it would appear that I have peroneal tendonitis but I will not know for sure until I have had a referral to my osteopath from my GP.

Walking has been painful and running out of the question. Obviously, for an aerobics junkie like me, this has been disappointing. In July I managed to run over 80 miles but at the rate things are going, I will be lucky to do 10 miles in August. The worst thing is that there is now a real chance that I will not complete the 1,000 miles in 2017 challenge.  I am looking for an alternative exercise that I can do to keep up my fitness including strength training and I hope to be back in the saddle in terms of exercise over the next couple of days.

Do I have metabolic syndrome?

I set up my weight loss blog in May 2016 so by August of the same year, 3 months on. I was still excited about the process and loved going to the gym and improving my diet. While my body shape changed a little bit, there wasn’t the sort of dramatic difference that I have known early in my life on commencing or re-commencing healthy eating and exercise. My body has always responded to diet and exercise but I noticed in the last 6 years that has not been the case. In addition, in the last 6 years, it has been really easy to put on weight and excruciatingly difficult to get it off.

I have done a lot of research (thanks again to the good old internet) and have come to the conclusion that I am at risk of suffering from Metabolic Syndrome and possibly pre-diabetic. As I tend to put on weight around my middle I fit the bill for a tendency to suffer from central obesity (Also referred to as visceral fat, is more common in men while women with central obesity are described as apple-shaped. In my case, I have never considered myself apple shamed but more avocado but that’s a discussion for another day).  I am also obviously overweight. I know that I do not suffer from high blood pressure or impaired fasting glucose but my body behaves in my opinion like it is insulin resistant which makes me worry about being pre-diabetic. I also found out that the drop in hormones in middle age and the onset of menopause can create the perfect metabolic syndrome storm for a woman’s body.  I touched on this my blog post I really wish that I stablised my weight in my twenties but I am where I am.

I know that women in my age bracket are losing weight all the time, but I have to admit feeling that weight loss is impossible for me and it is getting me down.  More on this in my next blog.

Until next time it’s

Me on 8 July at an event at Arsenal. Emirates Stadium in North London

Me on 8 July at an event at Arsenal. Emirates Stadium in North London



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