PLATEAU ALERT! The dreaded plateau strikes again at 154 lbs – yikes!

Enjoying some winter sun!
Recording my progress with a photograph

Recording my progress with a photograph

Date: Saturday 20 January 2018

There is no change in my weight from last week and I am stuck at 154 lbs – Yikes!

I have been playing fast and loose with one powerful tool in the metabolic weight loss programme which is keeping my daily journal or diary.  I had been writing it out on bits of paper each day, after carefully weighing up my food and so on.  However in the period up to and after Christmas I stopped typing up my notes and then cut and pasting them into an email to Rachel at the Weight Loss Centre.  Not sending this vital information means that I was probably not monitoring my eating as well as I should have and meant that Rachel had no information to help me.

I had been thinking about revising my weight loss goal to 119 lbs which used to be my original weight loss goal years ago.  The point is that if I am going to go for the revised goal, that would mean a loss of a further 45 lbs but even if I stuck to my blog goal of 130 lbs, that is still 24 lbs away.  In other words, I need to get my head back into the game as there is still a long way to go.

The first thing I have done is get back into my exercise routine.  I have slowed down this January after viewing lots of YouTube experts saying that hard exercise in middle age is not the way to go.  I have also been trying to get more sleep.  The trouble is that I cannot say that I managed to get more sleep and I have really missed my exercise.  For some odd reason, I just love to push myself as hard as I can go in the gym.  I love so many activities including, running, dancing, taking part in gym classes and this weekend I attended as many as I could and loved it.

Getting my head back in the game going forward is going to include getting in some long runs, more classes and lots of dancing.  I have also found a book I find quite exciting called I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson.  I picked it up from my local library as it looked really good but I am finding the contents really good as well and it is giving me some answers about my former diet and helping me connect the dots.  For instance, I used to love eating unsweetened muesli and yoghurt for breakfast most days and now realise that the dried fruit contained in the muesli was not helping me at all.  Dried fruit can contain up to 70% sugar. The other thing that I found amusing and exciting about the book was her attitude towards leftovers and making do with what one has in the kitchen cupboard which reminds me of life in Nigeria.

Growing up, my father planted our garden extensively with produce and sometimes you had to just go with the flow and make do with whatever was available.  For example, if we ran out of tomatoes for Nigerian stew, we would substitute Pawpaw (Papaya) for tomatoes and as long as the fruit was not too sweet and we could mix in some tomato puree, we still ended up with delicious stew.  I also love the way the book starts with practicalities including organising the fridge and preserving nutrients in fresh food by partially cooking and freezing.  Sarah Wilson’s story is fascinating and I am now following her on Facebook and Instagram.  There are so many angles to this fascinating writer so I cannot wait to finish the book.

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This is a typical meal on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme of beef meatballs, runner beans and a large sesame and rye crispbread

This is a typical meal on the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme of beef meatballs, runner beans and a large sesame and rye crispbread


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