The consequences of eating too much fruit on the Metabolic Weight Loss programme is delayed or no weight loss!

Enfield Town, January 2018
Enfjoying the winter sun in Enfield Town, January 2018

Enjoying the winter sun in Enfield Town, January 2018

Date: Saturday 27 January 2018

I am pleased to report that I have lost 3 lbs and now weigh 151.4 lbs.  I am so relieved to be past my plateau! Phew!

Saturday is now the start of my weight loss week; I weigh myself in readiness for my telephone chat with Rachel and then head off to the gym.  At the gym I aim to catch a class and/or if possible get some independent work done on my own by which I mean some cardio and using the weight machines for strength without the help of one of the trainers.  I am starting to get into a routine and really enjoy the classes.  They are very challenging and have a lot of variation ranging from a Sunday Bootcamp class to Body Blitz, Gym Circuit, and Fusion Dance.  My rest day from exercise is now Tuesday.  I still wear my pedometer each day including on my rest day with the hope of logging 10,000 steps.  This is a vain hope and virtually impossible on my rest day because I sit in front of my computer at work all day.  On a typical working day without additional exercise at the gym or otherwise, I am lucky if I register 1,000 steps and my average is probably closer to 400.  Working as a solicitor can be dangerous for one’s health in this respect so I am pondering getting a standing up desk to address this.  We shall see.  The other point about exercise is that it appears that the competition for Nigerian runners on Facebook to complete 1,000 miles in 2018 will be going ahead which is a good thing as I have been logging my mileage in readiness doing at least 2 or three jogging runs per week.

I am back on track with sending my daily food diary entries to Rachel at the Weight Loss Centre and I have already received some important feedback.  For instance, it transpires that I have been eating too many portions of fruit.  I am allowed 2 each day but have sometimes been eating as much as 4 or 5.  I have also been eating some “crackers” that are not allowed on the programme – namely Tesco sesame rye crispbread.  I was relieved when Rachel said that the crispbread is not allowed as I don’t like them very much!  Now that I think about it, there should have been a clue in the name “crispbread”!

As I mentioned in my last blog I am reading a book called I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson and note that coincidentally she also advises that we limit fruit portions to no more than two pieces a day.  It is safe to say that penny has finally dropped: the consequences of eating too much fruit on the Metabolic Weight Loss programme is delayed or no weight loss!

Another area that I am trying to make improvements in is sleeping. This is easier said than done as there are always screens to distract me whether it’s my PC screen, my laptop, tablet, phone or TV.  Lack of sleep has been a problem for me for many years and may be worse with the onset of menopause.  In fact, sometimes I think that but for the fact that losing weight this time around has been attritional, (not forgetting the occasional hot flush/night sweat mainly when I let my exercise routine slide) I cannot see that huge a difference in my body in terms of pre and post any peri-menopausal symptoms.  On the other hand, I realise that the onset of menopause takes about a decade so it can be difficult to distinguish what is attributable to menopause and what is not.   I am working on a write-up about menopause that started off as a blog post but has grown longer exploring among other points how menopausal symptoms can creep up on one.   The first time I noticed I had trouble sleeping, for instance, was in my early thirties at a time when menopause was a distant thought.  This makes me wonder whether current difficulties with sleeping are because of general life stress/anxiety or menopause or both.  I also want to share with you my observations following my crude attempts at a homemade remedy for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Until next time it’s

I had to capture a photograph of the shy photographer who is also knows as Bestie.

I had to capture a photograph of the shy photographer who is also knows as Bestie.


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