Wishing you a merrry Christmas 2017 and happy new year 2018

Final bootcamp class of the year - I am the one in the middle with the green T-shirt
Doing jumping jacks in my Santa hat

Doing jumping jacks in my Santa hat

Date: Saturday 23 December 2017 (I am down from 159lbs to 155 lbs meaning I have lost a further 4 lbs)  This is the lowest my weight has been for many years so I am naturally delighted.

So far I have continued to stick to be my diet for the most part.  I did attend a Christmas party last Saturday and I did my best to stick to the protein as much as possible and avoided any sugary drinks.  I also danced as much as I could to burn off calories.  I kept an eye on my pedometer and was really pleased to rack up in excess of 12,00o steps. (Yaaas!)  Many years ago, I would have danced solidly until about 6 am in the morning but that was back in Nigeria.  Sadly, I have never attended an all night party in London – I am obviously not moving in the right circles.  I feel I need to define all night party; by this I mean one arrives from 10.30 pm and save for a break to eat a bit of jollof rice (or whatever delicious food was on offer) and have soft drinks and lots of water, one is on the dance floor till about 6.30 am, accepts breakfast before going home.  The other thing of course is that my friends like me are getting older and I seem to be one of a continually shrinking minority that still loves to dance so much.

The day after the Christmas party on Sunday 17 December I was not able to have a lie-in as I had to attend the last Sunday boot camp class of the year dressed in my Santa hat and ho-ho-ho T-shirt. The class was fun but the weather was freezing cold and it drizzled with rain too.  The next day was the last working week before Christmas and there is always something about the final run-up to Christmas that is always so frenetic.  This year was no different with loose ends to tie up at work – lots of them and then the rush to pack out the fridge with enough food for Christmas day. I always tell myself that it is just one day and nobody will starve to death.  However, London does come to a standstill in many respects on Christmas day.  Everything grinds to a halt, there is no traffic and the streets are very quiet and the shops close.  Even though my plan was to watch lots of TV and veg out, I still felt an irrational fear of missing out something and had to stop myself from rushing around the shops in a panic.

I ended up buying zero calorie rice and noodles just to be on the safe side alongside a free range turkey and I have been checking YouTube for brining methods.  Turkey is one of the meats allowed on the programme that I am on so it should be a win-win.  I am beginning to have a settled view about the sort of food I am going to allow myself including peanut butter, smoothies, Nigerian stew if I can be bothered to cook this, whole meal bread, plantain, a larger variety and quantity of fruit than is normally allowed on the programme and eggs and yoghurt passed breakfast time.  I have decided to stay away from sweets, cakes and chocolates this year – yes, that includes mince pies.  Having lives sugar free for most of 2016, I went bonkers at Christmas with sweet treats and ended up with digestive issues for such a long time that I had to have a colonoscopy. Thankfully my results were fine in the end but I don’t want to put myself through that again.  I am planning to make some sorbet type pudding with yoghurt but it will be sweetened with xylitol or stevia.

As I am not planning to write any more blogs until 2018, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you my dear reader a very merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Until next time it’s

Balancing on one foot - the photographer suggested the pose!

Balancing on one foot – the photographer suggested the pose!


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